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September 25, 1938 in Kislovodsk Park. Papayan's brother Hayk (right) with Aramashot and Yeva.
Aramashot Papayan (bottom left) with his nephew Aram (bottom right).
Aramashot Papayan's wife, Yeva Papazyan.
Aramashot with his wife Yeva.
Aramashot Papayan with his four children
Aramashot Papayan's children (from left) Rafael, Emma and Seda.
The Papayan family
Aramashot Papayan with his daughter Seda.
The Papayan family
Aramashot with his wife Yeva while visiting St. Petersburg, Russia.
Aramashot Papayan with his grandchildren Vahagn and Anahit Papayan.
Aramashot Papayan with his granchildren (from left) Vahagn, Hayk and Karine.
Aramashot Papayan with his son Rafael.
Aramashot Papayan with his four children (from left) Rafael, Seda, Aram and Emma.
Aramashot Papayan with his wife Yeva Papazyan.

Aramashot Papayan (Արամաշոտ Պապայան) was born to parents Petros and Grap as Ashot Papayan. In 1933, at the age of 22, he married Yeva Papazyan. Together they had four children: Emma, Rafael, Seda and Aram. Papayan has 6 grandchildren: Karine (whom he shares with conductor Emma Tsaturyan), Vahagn, Hayk, Anahit, Gabriel and Yeva. He currently has 9 great-grandchildren: Michael, Lili, Jane, Gevorg, Constance, Axel, Avetik, Lusine and Hayk.

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