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Fragmented Memories - Happy Birthday Paruyr Sevak

Aramashot Papayan and Paruyr Sevak held a very close bond despite their age difference. They shared similar world views and artistic taste, but the deeper and more meaningful reason for their close bond was the memory they shared of Aram Papayan, who was the nephew of Aramashot. (Aramashot and Aram were both so close in age that most people considered them brothers.) Aram was a journalist and playwright who co-wrote several plays with Aramashot at the beginning of his career. When WWII came to a close, Aram died unexpectedly in a car accident.

Sevak remembered Aram with great fondness as he shared his own memories with him dating back to WWII, when Aram was working as a commissariat in Yerevan, Armenia. Sevak later penned a tribute article titled The Dead Don't Age in honor of Aram Papayan. In 1970 it was published in the Literature Newspaper. In a portion of the article Sevak said of Aram, "Beautiful, tall, broad, with honest features. My generation first saw him in military uniform, which flattered very few people due to their bodily imperfections. It seemed to me that he was just born like that, in uniform. But those close to him knew he was more beautiful on the inside, and that he was infinitely far from wearing a uniform and doing military work. He was born an artist, and he himself was a beautiful work of art."

When Aramashot Papayan heard of the death of Sevak, which similarly to his nephews death was due to a car accident, it was a devastating blow. A repetition of the loss of his dear nephew. After hearing the news, Papayan stood at the front of Sevak's apartment door for several minutes and wept for such a great loss.

Paruyr Sevak is a famous Armenian poet, translator and literary critic. He is considered to be one of the greatest Armenian poets of the 20th century.


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