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Fragmented Memories - Happy Birthday Gurgen Janibekyan

The foundation of Aramashot Papayan's and Gurgen Janibekyan's relationship was their work in the theater. Janibekyan was the most prominent Armenian actor to ever play the character of Marker in Papayan's most popular play The World, Yes, Turned Upside Down. Two months before Janibekyan's death, while he was being treated in the hospital, Janibekyan said of his role in the play, "I've played a lot of Armenian roles, but I never enjoyed playing their characters like I did with Markar. Markar's role is as lovable to me as the role of Grigor Agha in the play The Cliff. This is one of the roles that uncovered the true understanding of an Armenian."

Gurgen Janibekyan was a legendary Soviet Armenian theater and film actor. He was awarded People's Artist of the USSR in 1967.



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