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Fragmented Memories - Happy Birthday Martiros Saryan

The close relationship between Martiros Saryan and Aramashot Papayan was one of mutual artistic respect. They admired one another's craft and Saryan became a great fan of Papayan's hit play The World, Yes, Turned Upside Down. Of the play he said, "We become more Armenian after this play." Another time, he expressed how the play sought to connect the older and younger generations of Armenia.

Sometimes Papayan would take his granddaughter Karine Chaghalyan to Sundukyan State Academic Theater and show her the large Martiros Saryan paintings on the wall with admiring pride.

Saryan and Papayan joined William Saroyan and other writers on his visit in 1960 to show him around different locations in Armenia.

Martiros Saryan is a famous Armenian painter who founded the Armenian national school of painting.


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